There's A Big Reason Spider-Man Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

"Captain America: Civil War" directors reveal Spider-Man secrets.

"Captain America: Civil War" is Marvel's opportunity to put Spider-Man into its cinematic universe. Now the movie's directors, the Russo brothers, are explaining that they're treating their great power with responsibility.

That means no more dancing for you, Tobey Maguire. Sorry, bruh.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Joe Russo explained that the fact that Spider-Man is a high school student "differentiates him from every other character in the Marvel universe." He says it was "extremely important" that they cast somebody close to high school age. In the case of "Civil War," that turned out to be actor Tom Holland.

"The previous films had adults playing a high schooler. We wanted more of an authenticity to the casting. We were very specific about that," said Joe. "We wanted an energy and charisma from the character, an energy, but also an insecurity that would make him fun to watch in contrast to the confident superheroes."

"You go look at the home that Tobey Maguire lived in Raimi’s Spider-Man," he continued, "those were very expensive homes. We wanted to relate it to the reality.”

Apparently, Joe and his brother Anthony have succeeded. "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn has already seen "Civil War." He says Holland is "off-the-charts awesome" as Spider-Man and he "can't believe" the job the Russos did with the movie.

Check out the full interview with the brothers below: 

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