'Captain America' Video Clip: Chris Evans Makes An Insane Leap At Hydra Factory (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Evans Makes An Insane Decision

Turns out that super serum stuff is a pretty potent little mix.

"Captain America" is just days away from hitting theaters nationwide, and if the Chris Evans-starring superhero flick has the lift that his enhanced Steve Rogers does, Paramount and Marvel will be very, very happy.

Rogers, of course, is the brave weakling chosen to join a top secret Army program at the height of World War II, volunteering his body -- and potentially, life -- to take in an experimental serum designed to amplify his strength and best qualities to noble fighting machine status. After some politics and tragedy, though, Rogers ends up acting as a mascot for the army -- until he hears that his friend, the Sebastian Stan-portrayed Bucky, is behind enemy lines.

That's when all fire rains down, literally and figuratively.

Check out this exclusive action clip from the film, and see the entire thing in theaters on Friday. View some more scenes by clicking here, and another exclusive clip here.


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