New 'Captain Marvel' Special Look Trailer Gets Down To Earth

Brie Larson's Carol Danvers has to deal with determined Skrulls and a skeptical Nick Fury in the latest preview for the upcoming movie.

A “special-look” trailer for “Captain Marvel” premiered during the college football title game Monday, showing Brie Larson’s superhero in a tougher battle than champion Clemson faced against Alabama.

Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, explains the scope of the shape-shifting Skrull invasion to a pre-eyepatch Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), and of course we get a few examples.

She also has to prove to Fury that she’s not a Skrull herself.

Mission accomplished on that front, maybe?

Jude Law’s mentor character Mar-Vell also doles out tough love to Danvers in fight training.

But we’re cautiously optimistic that the superhero will be ready to save the world when the movie is released in theaters on March 8.