If in my shoes will you stay, there will you know the demons I've had to slay. The demons appear so God-like while hiding their true intentions within the darkness of the night. They come two-faced, human nature at it's worst, one for their worldly reputation and the other as a witches curse. Worldly face, oh so sweet just for show, the other full of hatred, full of low blows. Why demon why, do you strike from the back? If you would have asked to strike me, I would have smiled at your wish and asked what I lacked? Is it that I am a threat to your existence or a reminder of your sad past, where you couldn't be all that you could be, so you didn't want me to get ahead so fast? The demons were no other than some familiar faces, some blood ties, others just connected by the universe in strange cases. They were jealous and hateful towards the four week old motherless infant which they wanted to screw up later in life, I'm 30 now going on 31, I guess by the grace of GOD, I've been ALRIGHT! Yes Demons yes, I figured it out! How to unchain myself from your toxicity and move on about! The power I gave you in the form of my love, I took it back. I gave it to myself instead and flew out of the captivity sack.

This poem I wrote is little glimpse into the past of my colorful life. It was a phase of harsh realities, truths, and circumstances which made me the strong woman that I am today. Slay your demons by looking them straight into the eye, no longer afraid and ready to fly.