Captured Breath

The world, and our worlds, are full of problems and challenges. With every breath we take, we inhale some that affect us. We are like an empty balloon, filling each day with struggles that inflate, creating tension. Some are but small puffs or minor annoyances while others are tragic, filling our balloons to near bursting. Some people's balloons are small and can't hold much with a quick temper. Others seem to be able to expand beyond capacity.

But regardless, we must inflate daily, for an unfilled balloon is just listlessly waiting to achieve its potential. To remain aloft, we must figure out ways to let some, but not all, of the air out of our balloons. A little squeaky or a big whoosh when we are too full.

Many of us keep inflating and forget to let it out. We stress and strain, always adding a little more, until we are ready to explode. A popped balloon, although it makes a hellava bang, doesn't do anyone any good.

Of course, there are some better ways to let air out. Untying and holding on carefully allows just the right amount to escape. If we totally let loose, we will fly around out of control and eventually collapse unloved again. If we are able to maintain that balance between stress and relaxation, we can bounce happily around. And if we avoid the sharp objects, we can float almost indefinitely. But a single prick on an overly tense day may result in an unwanted explosion. But if you keep your balloon under-inflated, the elasticity may be enough to absorb the poke.

Love is the helium that makes achieve great heights. As we inflate and deflate remember that you are loved, even on your worse day. Your family, friends and that higher power want us to soar.