Car Bursts Into Flames While Family Is Inside Lion Enclosure

When your car's on fire, there's no time for paws.

Helen Clements, 43, was driving throughout Longleaf safari park in Wiltshire, England with her two children -- 9-year-old George and 12-year-old Charlie -- when smoke began pouring out of their vehicle.

"I thought the car had overheated. Then basically, we thought: 'No, that's not steam, that's actually smoke," Clements told the BBC. "It was getting thicker and thicker and obviously coming into us, and then obviously we saw flames."

Twelve lions live in the enclosure where the car caught fire. The animals were about 100 yards away, according to the Guardian.

George Clements fled the vehicle immediately, Park rangers began running towards the family to rescue them from the enclosure while yelling at them to stay in the burning car.

"Do you get out of the car because you're on fire?" Clements said, according to the Belfast Telegraph. "They're telling you to get back in the car."

Rangers were able to pull up in another vehicle and rescue the family.

None of the family members or lions were injured.