Car Cleaning Tip Will Keep Your Space Garbage-Free... Sort Of (PHOTO)

The Most Obvious Car Care Tip That You're Not Doing
modern car interior rear...
modern car interior rear...

If you're like us, your car can become a hot spot for gum wrappers, water bottles and late-night fast food you'd rather not think about. And these things have a way of piling up until you seriously can't take it anymore and decide to spend that five bucks for a car wash. But there is a simple solution to keep your car clean: a garbage can, duh.

We're not talking your stainless kitchen one. No, you can improvise as Reddit user Nickemjay pointed out, by using one of those Flex & Seal containers. Just keep one in your car at all times and when it's time to discard, you'll have a place to do it other than the floor.

Now, we know this isn't the most genius idea ever, but redditor PonderingWaterBridge, swears by it. "Saw this on Pinterest a year ago and did this. Best thing ever! I drive a lot and to have one central and sealed location for napkins, etc works so well," they wrote.

Photo by Nickemjay

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