Watch Driver's Terrifying Close Call As An Oncoming Car Corkscrews Out Of Control

Incredibly, the other driver was not seriously injured.

A car flips out of control and corkscrews through the air in dramatic dashcam video posted online.

Norman Drinkwater captured the terrifying accident as he was driving in northern Wales on Saturday. He was traveling between Trefnant and St Asaph when the oncoming vehicle veered into his lane. 

It swerved back, hit a mound of mud and lifted off the ground, spinning around on one end before hitting Drinkwater's car as it fell back down.

Incredibly, the other driver, who has not been identified, was not seriously injured in the smash. "She's extremely lucky to be alive after that," Drinkwater said, according to the Daily Post, a North Wales newspaper.

Drinkwater, a convenience store owner, stopped to call emergency services and the other driver was taken to hospital "as a precaution," he told the Post.

Drinkwater posted the footage to the Dashcam UK group on Facebook on Sunday, with the caption "Oh Christ." It's now going viral.

Equally scary dashcam footage filmed in Massachusetts in January showed a car's windshield being shattered by a sheet of ice that flew off the SUV on the road in front of it.