Police Officer Cheats Death As Out-Of-Control Car Crashes Just A Few Feet Away

The cop was dealing with an earlier accident when the smash occurred.

A car comes within a few feet of hitting a police officer after spinning dangerously out of control in wet weather in terrifying video posted online.

The Mercedes slides onto the shoulder of the M57 motorway near Liverpool, in northwest England, as the officer is walking away with their back turned. The officer had been attending an earlier accident on the same stretch of road.

The vehicle crashes into a parked Highways Agency truck and comes to a sudden stop. But had the Jan. 30 accident occurred just seconds earlier, the officer would have undoubtedly been hit and possibly suffered serious injuries.

Both the Mercedes and the truck were substantially damaged from the smash.

Incredibly, neither the Mercedes driver nor the police officer was seriously injured, the Chester Chronicle reported.

Merseyside Police released the footage on Friday as a warning for motorists to take care in inclement weather.

Chief Inspector John Hogan told ITV News the Mercedes driver had been "recommended to attend a driver awareness course."

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