Car Smashes Into Lobby Of Trump Plaza In New Rochelle, New York

A black Mercedes-Benz plowed into the residential tower in what appears to have been an accident. At least two people were reported injured.

A black Mercedes-Benz plowed into the lobby of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York, on Tuesday night, leaving at least two people hurt.

The car appeared to have smashed through the front doors of the 40-story luxury residential tower. Photos and videos on social media show the car with its hood and trunk open in the middle of the lobby, a chandelier hanging overhead.

Sgt. Chris Castiglia of the New Rochelle Police Department told The New York Times that the crash did not appear to be intentional, though he said an investigation was underway to determine the cause of the wreck.

The driver and at least one other person suffered minor injuries in the accident, NBC News reported. New York’s WPIX-TV said the second person injured was in the lobby.

According to Tony Aiello, a reporter at CBS New York, workers at Trump Plaza said the driver got out of the car after the crash and “took a seat on the sofa.”

He “said nothing,” they said.