This Car Had No Front Seats And A Very Weird Substitute

Cops found the Nissan Micra stuck in mud.

Did someone really drive this death trap?

A car was discovered stuck in the mud with a plastic garden chair in place of its front seats, reports the BBC.

Cops found the abandoned Nissan Micra in Middlesbrough, England, on Tuesday, according to Gazette Live.

It's not clear whether its owner actually used the makeshift stool to operate the car on the open road.

But the vehicle, found to be uninsured, was seized, reports the Mirror.

Cleveland and Durham Road Policing Unit uploaded an image of the bizarre find to its Facebook page.

"We have been called to a report of a vehicle being used anti-socially off road at Skippers Lane, Middlesbrough this morning," the post stated.

"By the time we found it the occupants had it stuck in the mud and had abandoned it, leaving their best garden furniture behind," it added.

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