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Car Ends Up On Roof Of House, Baffles Police, Who Say Crack Cocaine Was Involved (PHOTO)

Police in South Carolina are investigating how a car ended up on the roof of a Forest Acres home early Saturday.

According to WIS-TV, an officer with Columbia police tailed the vehicle after witnessing what looked like a drug deal. The driver took off, driving erratically without headlights on.

The officer followed the vehicle and eventually came upon it wrecked on the roof of a suburban home.

car roof house

The suspect was nowhere to be found, but investigators found crack cocaine and cash in the vehicle.

Homeowner Steve Taylor told WIS that he was awakened by a loud bang around 2:30 a.m., and was told by police in his yard that there was a car on the roof.

"I stepped out into the yard and looked back up, and there was a car on the roof." Taylor said. "It was alarming as you can imagine... I still didn't believe it, once I saw it."

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