Car Salesmen Trusted Even Less Than Congressmen: Gallup

The One Person Americans Trust Less Than A Politician

Take heart, Congress. There's one profession that Americans trust even less than you.

That would be car salesman, who garner the confidence of only 8 percent of Americans and ranked lower than any other profession included in a new Gallup poll. Congressmen did just a bit better, coming in second to last and winning the confidence of 10 percent of Americans.

There is hope yet for car salesmen. The poll's margin of error is 4 percent, meaning that Congressmen still may be America's least trusted people. Small victories!

This is actually an improvement for Congressmen. Americans' trust in Congressmen fell to a record low last year, with only 7 percent of Americans rating their honesty highly at the time, according to Gallup.

Surprisingly, even after the financial crisis, 28 percent of Americans rate bankers' honesty highly, far higher than that of many other professions.

Check out 11 professions less trusted than bankers:

11. Journalists

11 Professions Less Trusted Than Bankers

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