The One Struggle All Parents Can Relate To -- Installing A Car Seat

Parents know that correctly installing a car seat is no easy task, but it's an incredibly important one.

In anticipation of Child Passenger Safety Week (September 14-20), the community-based education program Buckle Up for Life has released a safety PSA, which takes a humorous approach to the frustrations of installing a car seat. In the video, parents struggle to properly install their car seats and strap their children in. The difficult task reaches the extreme as some moms and dads resort to masking tape and blow torches.

Founded by trauma surgeons at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and auto experts at Toyota, Buckle Up for Life is a national program that educates families on vehicle safety and provides free child car seats and installation lessons to parents in need. As this new PSA notes, "75% of car seats are installed incorrectly." This is a particularly striking statistic given that motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of childhood death, and many car-related injuries and deaths can be prevented with properly installed car seats, booster seats, and seat belts.

In the words of Buckle Up for Life, "It's time that we all get it right."

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