Car Singalong Goes From Bad To Dangerous

When Car Singalongs Go Wrong

Keep your eyes on the road -- not on the camera!

Singing soft rock hits in the car is a lot of fun, and it's even better with a group of friends. But it's not something that you'd generally want to record. Sadly, the only reason people will watch your bad car karaoke is when something goes wrong, like it did for this quartet.

About 50 seconds into this singalong drive, there's a rattling noise, as if the car hit a rumble strip. The group's rendition of Player's "Baby Come Back" screeches to a halt as the driver appears to momentarily lose control of the car.

"Whoa! Slow down, slow down!" a man yells as the car runs off the road.

"Oh my god! That was so f***ing scary!" one woman says after they come to a stop.

"All right, we're not posting that video," says another. Guess someone didn't get the memo.

In the video, the car's driver says she blew a tire. Fortunately, it appears no one was hurt. But things could have gone horribly. Antics in the car, no matter how fun they seem, have the potential to distract the driver, thus endangering everyone in the car and everyone else on the road.

Also, they used a selfie stick, which is basically inappropriate at all times anyway. Hope they learned from this.

Notice how these viral sensations filmed their video in a parked car. Why not try it that way next time?

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