Car Struck By Lightning In Utah After Boy Wishes For It (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Is What Happens When Your Car Is Struck By Lightning

Be careful what you wish for.

Lightning struck a family's car as they drove through a storm in Utah, and they caught the event on camera.

The most bizarre part? One of the sons made a wish for lightning before the strike occurred.

The boys described to Utah's KSL News feeling hot after the car was struck. They also told the news organization that their dead electronic devices were mysteriously recharged after the lightning strike.

According to the National Weather Service, cars with closed windows may provide some protection from lightning. "A typical cloud-to-ground, actually cloud-to-vehicle, lightning strike will either strike the antenna of the vehicle or along the roofline. The lightning will then pass through the vehicle's outer metal shell, then through the tires to the ground."

Maybe try wishing for world peace next time?


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