Car Twerkers Are Storming Miami. Could Your City Be Next?

Does the idea of car twerkers have you shaking in your boots?

While the Northeast deals with a huge snowstorm, Miami, Florida, is dealing with a rash of ... car twerking?

In the past few days, women have been filmed shaking their heineys on top of cars in the Magic City.

One woman was caught twerking on top of a car driving westbound on the MacArthur Causeway early Monday evening. The savvy filmmaker recorded her posterior for posterity, and shared it with friends, one of whom was documentary filmmaker Billy Corben, who posted it on Twitter.

“For anyone who thought that twerking had its moment and now it’s gone, that is clearly not the case,” Corben told Miami New Times. “As social media has taught us, twerking is forever; it is a timeless tradition.”

The paper reached out to local police to see if the woman was arrested or at least stopped by police. However, there were no car twerkers reported from the MacArthur Causeway, possibly because the first rule about car twerking is that you don’t tell people about car twerking.

A different woman was filmed on Sunday twerking on top of a police ATV at South Beach.

The video below shows the unidentifed twerker mounting the front of the AVT to shake her rear end. It doesn’t last long. The officer pushes her off his vehicle.

The woman was not arrested, and the situation remained peaceful, according to Miami Beach Police Ernesto Rodriguez.

“The beachgoer made a poor choice when she mounted one of our vehicles as the officer was retreating from a large crowd,” he told “We strongly urge people visiting our beaches to have a good time not only safely but also responsibly.”

In addition, another woman was also filmed car twerking in Miami Monday afternoon. In the interest of thoroughness, it appears below.

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