Giant Car Vending Machine Serves Up Hot New Wheels

The whole process is kind of like buying a very expensive candy bar.

Imagine buying a car the same way you'd buy a can of soda.

The online auto retailer Carvana has turned this dream into a reality: The company constructed a massive car vending machine that allows customers to pick up a new car as easily as they would a late-night snack.

"Carvana customers can now purchase a car entirely online and choose to receive their car through a proprietary and fully-automated pick-up experience, similar to how a can of soda is dispensed from a traditional vending machine," according to an official press release. 

The vending machine launched last week in Nashville. The five-story glass tower can hold up to 20 cars at a time and is the world's first fully automated coin-operated vending machine. 

Yep, that's right, it's really coin-operated -- but customers have to actually select and purchase a car on the Carvana site first. Then, they can head to the vending machine tower and search for their name in a kiosk. Only then can they insert the special coin to initiate the vending process. 

The car is summoned from the tower and automatically brought to the delivery bay, so the customer can drive it home on the spot. 

The whole process is not quite as easy as grabbing a candy bar, but it's close. If only cars were as cheap as vending machine fare. 

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