Cara Cara Oranges: 12 Recipes For The Citrus (PHOTOS)

Cara caras are delightful a number of reasons.

Cara caras -- a particular type of orange grown in South Africa, Venezuela and California -- are delightful a number of reasons. For starters, they're seedless. Add to that the fact that their orange exteriors belie their pinkish, ultra-sweet interior, and suddenly they're in the running for the best fruit of all time.

They're sweet and a little tangy (think sugared cranberries), and are great on their own. But we also think adding cara cara oranges to salads or dessert recipes is an excellent idea. They go nicely with kale and spinach, and, unexpectedly, with desserts such as chocolate brownies or meringues. And they're only in season until late April, so get on it! Check out these 12 different ways to enjoy cara cara oranges.

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Cara Cara Orange Recipes