Cara Delevingne Proves Beatboxing Skills Are Her Real Superpower

We finally know Victoria's secret. 

"Suicide Squad" star and model Cara Delevingne surprised the entire "Tonight Show" audience on Thursday by busting out some sick beatboxing skills. And by "sick," we're talking epidemic. Don't even bother with the Vicks VapoRub. There's no point.

Delevingne has shown glimpses of her beatboxing before, but this was the first time we've seen Tariq from The Roots freestyling over it, too. (For real, can Taylor Swift just relieve her of her squad duties so she can join "The Tonight Show" permanently? This is a love story, T-Swift. Just say "yes.")

As we mentioned, the actress is set to play Enchantress in the new "Suicide Squad" movie, but no superpowers really come close to this. 

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