Cara Delevingne Graces The Cover Of Esquire UK In Nothing But Her Birthday Suit


Cara Delevingne has been one busy woman. Aside from promoting her latest film, “Suicide Squad,” she somehow managed to pose for not one, not two, but three September magazine covers

On Wednesday, her cover for Esquire U.K. was released, and as expected, she looks stunning. The model-turned-actress posed completely nude for the cover, which was photographed by Simon Emmett. 

On what looks to be an alternate cover (perhaps a subscriber’s issue?), Delevingne is seen sitting on a table, back turned to the camera as she peers over her shoulder. Her smize would make both Tyra Banks and Enchantress proud. 

Inside the issue, the 23-year-old opened up about getting her start as a model, a career she says “is not something I love.” 

“It always felt like a job. It was never a passion. It was more like a part I played,” she said.

“There are some girls who are beautiful all the time,” she added, “that’s just who they are. I’m not. I’m a weirdo, I’m a goofball. I just don’t ever feel like I look that pretty. And so when I do all the posing, that just feels so stupid to me. After about five minutes, I’d have to do a funny face, just to not feel like such an asshole. I just felt like a fucking idiot.”

When Delevingne initially expressed an interest in acting, she was advised against it. But as she told the magazine, “I don’t like being told what to do.”

The Brit was aware she’d be taking a risk by switching careers, but as proven by her increasing success in landing film roles (”Paper Towns,” “Suicide Squad” and the upcoming “Kids in Love,” just to name a few), it was one worth taking. 

To read Delevingne’s full interview, in which she also gets candid about dealing with depression and falling in love, head over to Esquire U.K.’s website.



Cara Delevingne