Cara Delevingne Perfectly Shuts Down A Very Persistent Twitter Troll

Oh snap! Cara does NOT.

Cara Delevingne posted a perfectly innocent, though vague, tweet sharing with the Twitterverse that she’s on her way to do something “incredibly exciting.”

This, however, did not stop self-proclaimed “media personality” and internet troll Brad Long from sparking a completely unnecessary and hateful argument, criticizing Delevingne’s modeling career. 

He even offered her “career advice.”

Brad then felt the need to inform Delevingne, 24, of his fruitful “career” and fame. For the record, Brad has a little over 11,000 Twitter followers while Cara has almost 8 million. But OK Brad, tell us more about your success.

Brad then decided to end the argument he started, claiming that he has no interest in bringing the model more publicity. Makes sense. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

One Twitter user perfectly called out his statement:

Delevingne then shared that her project is not linked to her “looks” or modeling career, and is more of a philanthropic endeavor.


It turns out she was on her way to Uganda to team up with Girl Up, a United Nations program that advocates for the health, safety and education of girls in developing countries. 

We sure hope Brad is regretting those hateful tweets now. We need more Caras in the world.