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Caravan Tiny House Hotel Is The Country's First Of Its Kind (VIDEO)

If you've been curious about living small but are afraid to take the plunge, we found the perfect solution. Caravan Tiny House Hotel located in the Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon is, well, just what it sounds like. Starting at $125 per night you can test it out and stay in one of three small homes. According to Jetson Green, owners Deb Delman and Kol Peterson, who opened the hotel in July 2013, intended it to be a showcase for the lifestyle.

And you can decide just how small you want to go. "Tandem," the largest unit, is 160 square feet and has a bed and additional sleeping loft. "Rosebud" has a more rustic interior and measures at 120 square feet. Lastly, "Pearl" is only 90 square feet and has what they call a "wet bathroom," which is basically a shower and toilet in the same space. But don't think just because the accommodations are small there are no amenities. Room service is provided by Radio Room, a nearby restaurant. The three dwellings share an outdoor seating area so you can commiserate with the other guests about the lack of space for your luggage.

Head over to Jetson Green to read more and click through our slideshow of our favorite tiny homes.

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