If You Hate The Upkeep Of Cast Iron, The Caraway Grill Pan Is A Game-Changer

Reviewers say they’re “very impressed” and call it the “best investment.”
Caraway grill pan

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As much as I love traditional cast iron skillets, I just can’t get behind the labor and upkeep they require — if that makes me a bad home cook, so be it! Luckily, I remain as devoted as ever to ceramic cast iron cookware. It’s a great alternative because it conducts heat similarly— I find it to be just as effective at efficiently cooking all manner of delicious food quickly and evenly without the clean-up slog required of cast iron. It’s long-lasting, strong and surprisingly versatile, making it a great financial investment alongside being extremely aesthetically pleasing.

I’ve tried several brands, including affordable alternatives to luxury cast iron cookware collections. But I regret to inform you that there is nothing quite as good as Caraway’s cookware, specifically the brand’s square grill pan, which has become my weeknight cooking hero.

It's available in eight different colors.

Whether you’re a passionate cook or just starting to dip your toes in the cooking waters, possessing even just one or two high-quality pieces of cookware can inspire you to get in the kitchen while making cleanup easier and your food tastier. The Caraway square grill pan is one of these must-have pieces.

It’s available in eight colors, two of which are considered “iconic” hues and come at a slightly higher price point. I own it in the classic cream shade and find it to be pretty darn close to perfect. It features a slick ceramic-coated cooking surface that is so smooth you barely need to use cooking oil. It’s compatible with all kinds of stoves, from gas to induction, and is oven-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a city-dweller with limited space, I love how the grill lines give all my food the perfect barbecue-like sear marks, regardless of whether I’m cooking up burgers, vegan sausages, veggies or more. You’d never know I don’t have a grill!

The pan is designed with what Caraway claims is a “non-toxic” coating that is free of materials that can be harmful like PFOA, PTFE, lead and cadmium. So you can enjoy the benefits of a non-stick coating without stressing about ingesting potentially harmful chemicals.

Take a peek at a few other glowing reviews and pick one up for yourself. It would almost make a great gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life! It’s worth every penny.

Promising reviews at Caraway:

“I love my new pots and pans. Well worth the price. I have used them all and I am very pleased with my purchase.” — Kelly

“I got the set for Christmas and added on to it with the square grill pan and plan to add more. Love these pans. They cook fantastic, so easy to clean , and love the modern look. Best investment.” — Lisa L.

“This grill pan is heavy, durable, and makes cooking poultry and beef very easy these days! The heat from the burners gets distributed across the whole surface of the grill pan and evenly cooks the meat. Very impressed with this.” — Joseph M.

“Such a beautiful pan, cooks up evenly, slid beautifully into the oven and came out perfectly. Easy to clean, non-toxic, my favorite pan!” — Maryann K.

“This is a perfect grill pan, really stick resistant, heats up quickly and can provide a great sear.” — Anthony M.

“Love this grill pan! Love all my Caraway products and won’t use anything else!” — Rebecca L.

“Grills pancakes so well. Love the even cooking and no sticking.” — Suzanne G.

“Best grill pan ever! Love this pan! So far cooked burgers and steaks to perfection. Nothing sticks and so easy to clean.” — Linda C.

“Was waiting for a square pan from Caraway and here it is. This is great for grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, steaks and thing you like the grill marks on. Just deep enough to catch juices but not so much that it is hard to remove items with a flat silicon spatula. The perfect grilling flat top for your stovetop!” — Bob P.

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