Ohio State's Cardale Jones Destroys Man Who Thinks He Should Only Worry About Football

Because heaven forbid athletes should be able to talk about other issues.

Too often athletes don't speak out on issues, losing both the platform and experience they have to bring a valuable voice to the table, whatever the cause may be. Unfortunately, even more often, when athletes do weigh in, a collective groan tells them to "just focus on sports."

Well, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones wasn't about to let the latter happen, and excellently shut down a Twitter user who told him to just "worry about getting us fans another championship," rather than speak on the issue of racial politics.

To begin, Jones posted a series of tweets staring a debate on #BlackLivesMatter.

Whether you agree with Jones or not, he has an opinion and should be able to share it -- his talents in the gridiron don't strip him of that.

Nevertheless, after that tweet, a user responded to Jones, unhappy that the football player dare speak out on anything other than, well, football. 

We now present Jones perfect response: 

The user is now off of Twitter. Do not tell Jones -- or any other athlete, for that matter -- to just stick to sports. 

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