Cardi B Says Her Baby 'Broke My Vagina'

The rapper told Jimmy Kimmel no one had prepared her for a certain common childbirth procedure.

Cardi B’s account of giving birth to her baby girl left the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” audience in stitches on Wednesday.

It seems the rapper had no idea that she would literally be left in stitches after the delivery. The revelation emerged as the “Bodak Yellow” chart-topper and host Kimmel made small talk about motherhood. Then it got real.

Asked by Kimmel if childbirth was easier or harder than she expected, Cardi responded: “It was totally harder. She broke my vagina.”

The performer said she was not informed of certain “things” about the experience.

“Nobody told me they was gonna stitch my vagina,” she said.

The procedure to repair tearing or a surgical cut is fairly common, but leave it to Cardi to provide lively perspective.

Cardi and husband Offset welcomed daughter Kulture on July 10.

Watch the clip above and find out the surprising guest list of those in the delivery room.

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