Dan Bilzerian Is Being Mocked For Badly Photoshopping Cardi B's Butt

Although the millionaire poker player felt the need to alter the size of the rap star's bottom, he didn't bother retouching a stain on his T-shirt.

Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian decided to edit a photo of Cardi B’s rear end, but he ended up looking like the real ass.

Bilzerian, a millionaire professional poker player and cannabis entrepreneur, is best known for his Instagram page, which features photos of himself surrounded by women.

One of those recent photos shows Bilzerian, in swim trunks and a T-shirt, posing with the Grammy-winning Cardi B, who strikes a saucy pose sticking out her tongue.

Cardi B, it turns out, posted the same photo on her Instagram, but it was obvious that Bilzerian’s version was different from the rapper’s.

For some reason, Bilzerian felt the need to edit Cardi B’s rear end to make it appear smaller, and to replace the picture on a TV screen in the background with the logo for his cannabis company.

A mashup of both versions of the photo clearly shows the alterations:

There were some other seemingly unnecessary touchups as well:

However, Bilzerian apparently didn’t think he needed to edit some details in the original photo. Like the stain on his T-shirt.

HuffPost reached out to Bilzerian’s reps to find out why he felt the need to photoshop Cardi B’s bottom, but there was no immediate response.

This tweet from October suggests Bilzerian has a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do perspective on editing photos.

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