Cardi B Has Some Advice For Trump Supporters During The Government Shutdown

The Bronx rapper wants the president's defenders to show their support in a particular way.

Cardi B has returned to social media to share her thoughts on the partial government shutdown and her frustration with President Donald Trump.

The “I Like It” rapper shared a post on Instagram on Saturday with a suggestion for those who are standing by the president as the shutdown nears the one-month mark.

“All you Trump supporters should work for free while the government is shut down to show your support,” she wrote.

The hip-hop star posted the message shortly after Trump delivered a speech Saturday with a proposal to end the shutdown. The partial shutdown was sparked over Trump’s call for Congress to set aside $5.7 billion for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although polling data suggests that views on who’s to blame are divided along partisan lines, surveys reveal that a majority of Americans hold Trump mostly responsible for the shutdown.

Cardi B made headlines earlier this week after she posted an impassioned video about the shutdown, which began on Dec. 22, and its impact on the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who have gone without pay.

Democratic senators later publicly debated on Twitter whether or not to retweet the Bronx native’s video.

“Are you gonna RT Cardi B or not?” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) wrote on Wednesday.

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