Cardi B's Baby Repeats 'Mama' But Won't Say 'Papa' To Dad Offset In Cute Video

Grammy-winning Cardi B posted the sweet clip on Instagram, days after she quit the social platform.

Parenting can be humbling at times.

Rapper Cardi B posted a funny video Thursday of her 7-month-old daughter repeating “Mama,” but not saying “Papa” despite encouragement from father Offset.

Cardi B, fresh off winning her first Grammy, wrote in the Instagram post that Kulture can’t stop saying “Mama” now.

A female voice presumably belonging to the “Bodak Yellow” performer can also be heard saying “Papa,” but the kid doesn’t take the bait. Offset’s feigned look of indignation completes the funny moment.

Rewind to several days ago: Hearing her daughter say only “Papa” for a week, Cardi B got emotional when Kulture said “Mama” for the first time. Cardi B shared the sweet moment after she won the Grammy Award for best rap album (“Invasion of Privacy”). 

But the family-sharing abruptly stopped soon after that, when Cardi B deactivated her Instagram account after some people said she didn’t deserve the Grammy victory.

Welcome back to the Insta, Cardi, and keep the cuteness coming.