Cardi B May Be One Of The Few People Who Can Actually Make Anna Wintour Smile

"When Anna met Cardi."

It’s beginning to look a lot like Cardi B’s 2017 luck has spilled well over into 2018.

On Saturday, the rapper sat next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour at designer Alexander Wang’s fashion show for the New York Fashion Week.

Those seats closest to the runway are often the most coveted, and Cardi joined Wintour in the front row.

So when photographer Matthew Schneier captured Cardi and Wintour together moments before Wang’s show was set to begin, Twitter proceeded to lose its collective mind.

A few social media users noticed that Wintour, who is notorious for her seemingly cold demeanor, actually gave a rare smile upon their introduction. And while there is no official audio of the exchange, the smile appears to show that Cardi’s famously infectious personality has even won over fashion’s most powerful woman.

Cardi’s Bronx, New York, accent and ceaselessly upbeat personality have long attracted fans around the country. Expressing herself through motivational Instagram blurbs or through memorable red carpet interviews, the rapper is known for her outspokenness.

And now Wintour has witnessed the Cardi B magic too.

But this moment isn’t Cardi’s first time in the fashion spotlight.

As her popularity has skyrocketed, her style has also evolved. The hip-hop artist has given Fashion Nova brand shoutouts and has collaborated with designer Steve Madden in the past year.

Wearing Steve Madden thigh-highs and a sleek black dress during her Saturday appearance, the Bronx rapper on Saturday definitely looked ready to grace the next issue of Vogue.

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