Cardi B Threw Her Wig Into The Crowd, Asks For Fans Who Have It To DM Her

The rapper was performing "Bodak Yellow" at the Wireless Festival in London when she says she "got carried away."

Cardi B is asking for the fans who caught her wig ― which she threw into the audience during a performance over the weekend ― to DM her.

On Friday, the rapper snatched her own wig at the Wireless Festival in London while performing “Bodak Yellow.” She posted a video on her Twitter and Instagram of the moment accompanied by the plea: “I GOT CARRIED AWAY .......I want my wig back:/ Dm me .”

Unfortunately, the 26-year-old’s wig seems to be lost forever as there are videos circulating on Twitter of some aggressive fans who were desperate for a piece of Cardi.

In social media videos, you can see fans stretching and pulling on a wig believed to be the rapper’s.

Sorry, Cardi, you likely have seen the last of that wig.