Cardiff University Hosts Willy Wonka Like Contest For Life-Long Free Tuition

Who's got the golden ticket?

Cardiff University is hosting a new contest. The prize? Free tuition for life, which not only means the whole of undergraduate tuition, but also as many masters degrees, Phd degrees and law degrees as your heart desires you to accumulate. The total value of the scholarship is "at least £50,000" according to the university. That is around $78,000 dollars!

Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, good things do not come totally for free. In order to get unlimited tuition, aspiring contest winners have to participate in a Willie Wonka-style battle for supremacy, because why not?

The Times Higher Education Supplement has more:

In order to win the prize, applicants will have to "undertake a series of tough challenges, which will increase in difficulty" between now and spring next year, the university said.

"The university will be looking for a student with outstanding passion, commitment and intelligence, reflecting its reputation as one of the UK's leading academic institutions," Cardiff said.

The first rounds will take place online, while the final will "bring the best students to Cardiff University for a live head-to-head challenge", the university said.

Not everyone, however, thinks this is the coolest thing ever.

"While I think that the individual student who wins this process will be very fortunate, it is a very sad indication of the state in which our higher education system finds itself that gimmicks like this have to be offered by our universities." Dr Philip Dixon, director of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Wales told Wales Online. "I wonder where this will end - will we see the universities of Wales offering buy-one-get-one-free degrees?"

We still think this is amazingly awesome, however.

Unfortunately the contest is only open to our UK and European Union readers. Good luck all contestants!