Cards Against Humanity Offers $500,000 In Scholarships To Women In Tech

The "party game for horrible people" raised the funds through the sale of a $10 science-themed expansion pack.

For a company geared toward “horrible” people, Cards Against Humanity sure does do some pretty meaningful things.

Earlier this year, the popular party game announced it would be selling a science-centric 30-card expansion pack to raise money toward its Science Ambassador Scholarship fund, which will provide full-ride, four-year scholarships to women pursuing undergraduate degrees in STEM fields -- science, technology, engineering or math.

The pack, co-authored by "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" creator Zach Weinersmith and Bad Astronomy author Phil Plait, has been a hit, drumming up over $500,000 in sales so far and the company is now accepting video applications from those interested in the scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year.

According to the scholarship’s website, applications will be evaluated by a board of 50 women who work professionally in the fields of science and engineering.

Cards Against Humanity has made previous forays into philanthropy: In 2013, it donated more than $100,000 from the sales of its holiday pack to needy classrooms through DonorsChoose. Last year, it donated $250,000 to the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit group that advocates for open government.


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