12 Snarky Cards That Sum Up Life As An Introvert

Too accurate.

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There’s so much more to an introvert than her quiet side.

Those with the personality type are known for preferring alone time and experts say this is because introverts are hardwired to need periods of recharging in order to feel energized. They are also incredibly observant, tend to look at the bigger picture, thrive off deep conversations and are drawn to creative ventures.

Unfortunately, this is often lost in translation and introverts get a reputation for being anti-social or too reserved instead. That’s why we’ve gathered a few someecards that perfectly capture what it’s like to have an introverted personality.

Below are a few very real and snarky truths about what it’s like to be an introvert:

1. Introverts prefer having a little prep time before being social

2. Small talk with random people can be incredibly draining because they thrive on deeper conversations

3. A night at home is their ultimate idea of a good time

4. They’d rather hang out with a small group of friends where they can focus their attention better

5. They rarely get “high” off their surroundings, which is why big parties are usually a no go

6. They value personal space, so you’ll likely see them at the end of a subway bench

7. Introverts need downtime to recharge

8. But being a quiet type does not mean they’re shy

9. They make some pretty loyal partners

10. Did they mention they hate small talk?

11. And that whole large social scene thing?

12. But, above all, they wouldn’t change their introversion for anything

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