Care for a concussion NOW will save you from LONG TERM effects

Care for a concussion NOW will save you from LONG TERM effects
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We live in a high impact society. Sounds are loud, signs are big, media comes from every direction, and we like our sports played hard. The more intense the more we feel alive, even if someone else is taking the hits for us, like athletes. How often do we consider the effect upon the bodies that entertain us? And the modeling for our children who want to play tough just like their heroes and heroines?

One of the most common injuries incurred in sports are concussions. They are so common that their potential long-term effects can be overlooked as an ice pack is put upon the head until the player gets their wits back enough to run back onto the field.

Yet more and more sufferers of such trauma to the brain, (and research supports this,) are finding long-term effects surfacing years after retirement from their beloved sport. It is not only the stars we see on TV. Though stars such as Ricky Williams and others are great examples stepping forward to promote awareness in the arena. Bumps, blows and jolts to the head happening at any age can lead to a full range of painful and even debilitating symptoms such as pain, memory loss, cognitive function, behavior, dementia and all the body’s processes.

It may be easy to conjecture why this is so, but fit can be helpful to consider the relationship of concussions to long term effects and even dementia. Here is a simple explanation. Our skull needs to be able to breathe. This means for proper functioning there needs to be mobility and flexibility in the skull. Trauma like a concussion, even mild traumatic brain injury, causes rigidity to ensue through bone articulations, sutural immobility and even abnormal membranous tensions. These scars and conditions affect stable pressure and free flow among all the systems of the body. It’s all about balance. The cerebro-spinal fluid, normally produced in and moving from the brain down the spinal column can be compromised, along with neural pathways, and blood flow.

With the body’s balance compromised, the above-mentioned symptoms become part of the natural deceleration of health. So care for a concussion NOW can not only reverse and prevent the progression of pain, but also accelerate personal longevity, a two-fold benefit! One of the overwhelming benefits of non-invasive alternative modalities to help with concussion trauma is their effect upon your entire health. They create a win-win situation on every level. What are some modalities you could try today?

~Posture re-education. This focus upon the spine will open up the channels to the brain for healing. Healing the patterns that set into place from poor posture will ripple out to every muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia and more. The body will be able to breathe with greater efficacy and ease. All this and more when you seek to adjust for a head injury. ~Breath work. It is surprising how poorly most of us breathe, or even hold our breath. Yet breath is so important to our health it is involuntary and we would die without breath. Does this make you curious? What about trying a little experiment. Take one day and notice how many times you hold your breath. When you notice the holding, pause and bring your entire focus to breathing deeply for a few seconds. This alone increases the oxygen to your brain to aid in healing. It will also de-stress the body that is holding the breath for some reason you may not notice. Then you can also learn what is causing you to hold your breath and make a change.

~Gentle tissue manipulation and cranio-sacral therapy. Working with the fluid of the body (CST or Cranio-Sacral Therapy works with the cerebro-spinal fluid,) is common sense. We are made up largely of water, so why not use the greatest force within us to bring the body back into balance. This gentle approach releases unhealthy patterns in the body- and the brain that has been working with trauma for any number of years- and allows for the natural healthy patterns to come back into place.

So start NOW to prevent concussion trauma from building over the years and leading to challenges as severe as dementia!

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