Make Money the Miracle-Minded Way

In my 12 years as an entrepreneur I've come to realize that without my deep passion and desire to serve, I never would've been able to accomplish what I have.
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I was recently interviewed for a story called "Meaning is the New Money," featured in the May 2012 issue of Women's Health magazine. The story is about socially responsible entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses. Several inspiring leaders were featured in this story. After reading the piece, I realized that we all have one key thing in common: passion. I believe that if you want to build a successful business based on service, you must be fiercely passionate about your work.

In my 12 years as an entrepreneur I've come to realize that without my deep passion and desire to serve, I never would've been able to accomplish what I have. A powerful force has been working through me for more than a decade to achieve much success and create a full-on movement through books, talks, social media and more.

This force I speak of is within us all -- we just have to allow it to come forth.

Today I am intensely passionate about a new topic: helping you awaken to your own passion to create a career that is socially responsible and immensely fulfilling. We all have the power to do this. We just have to release all that blocks us from believing we can. Jump-start your own shift with these key principles for getting paid for your passion and stepping into your soul-centered career.

The Principles for Passion

One: Be Moved by Your Mission
I was recently asked how I created a successful career at such a young age. I responded, "I don't remember. It's as if I've been awake in a dream." This involuntary response is a sure sign that I stepped away from the how and centered into allow. When we're inspired by our work, an invisible creative force takes over. Call it God, call it the universe, call it spirit, call it whatever you wish. This energy force leads us to learning opportunities, supportive people, and miraculous guidance that navigates our career path.

When we invite this presence into our careers, we allow inspiration to lead the way. Tap into what inspires you most. Then allow that inspiration to take over your consciousness and show you where to go what to do and how to serve. This spiritual intervention happens to us all in unique ways. Some people quit their job out of the blue because an inner voice leads them in a new direction. Others intuitively know they have to create a side business that eventually becomes a career. The question is not, "How do I get there?" Rather, ask, "What am I passionate about?" Focus on that passion and trust the universe will lead the way.

Two: Focus on the WE, Not the ME
I built my business as a spiritual teacher, author and speaker because of my deep desire to create community and engage the masses in a transformational conversation. My focus on how I can serve others is what has helped my business most. I believe that my readers, lecture audiences and even my Twitter followers can feel my deep desire to serve the larger WE rather than serve my ego's ME ME ME. I have learned that the best way for me to lead is to guide others to lead one another. Whatever your mission may be, be sure to focus on empowering the WE.

Three: Take Inspired Action
Often people begin their careers inspired by a mission only to get bogged down by the daily tasks that need to get done and the practical steps to move things forward. When the to-do lists and the bottom line overwhelm us, we can lose the spark that ignited our passion in the first place. The goal here is to consciously take inspired action daily. Make sure each mundane task is backed by the same fierce passion that ignited your work in the first place. When you infuse your passion into the present moment, you invite the invisible force of energy to work through you -- and, in effect, you can expand time. Things get done, inspiration moves through you, deadlines get met and your work has an impact. Make inspiration your business partner.

Four: Create Community
These days, not much gets done without some kind of community effort. Whether it's a social networking community or a local community, interpersonal relationships are the greatest catalyst for creating a movement. In 2008, before my first book came out, I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of emails I received from my audience members. I deeply wanted to serve each of them individually, but I simply didn't have the bandwidth to do so. I meditated on the issue and my inspiration spoke through me, saying, "Create a social networking community." Within a month I set up my social networking site, Today, it has nearly 18,000 members working together to inspire, empower and connect with one another. This community has greatly helped me carry my message and serve at a higher capacity. Engage your local or online communities to help you carry out your great work. You'll be amazed by the response to your call to action.

Five: Let Others Help You
You may be thinking, "Well, this is all nice and great, but how do I get started?" I'm thrilled to share that I have many resources for you!

  • Check out the organization Move the Crowd, the nation's first entrepreneurial training company dedicated to helping the next generation stay true, get paid and do good.

  • Sign up for DailyWorth to get a super practical and inspiring daily email with tips on boosting your earning power and making smart moves with your money. (It's free, and there's even a weekly edition for entrepreneurs called CreateWorth.)
  • Already makin' moves as a social entrepreneur and want to take your business to the next level? Scope out Marie Forleo's Rich Happy and Hot B-School for awesome, comprehensive training on how to grow your business, earn more and carry your message to a larger audience.
  • Now is the time to get seriously passionate about our work and seriously unapologetic about our capacity to earn money by doing what you love. Cheers to your success!

    Engage in this conversation further by joining Women's Health magazine and me Wednesday, May 23 for our lecture and panel called Meaning is the New Money. We will help you ignite your own fiery passion and take the next right action toward creating a socially responsible, fulfilling career.

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