Career Before a Romantic Relationship?

I always assumed a career should be first on my list. Even when I was two months into my first internship, I made it a point to look for jobs because I cared about my career more than anything else. When I was dating a guy in my senior year of college, I often reminded him I was sorry, but my career is very important to me and at times, I must put it first. Harsh, but it was true. I didn't go to school for six years for nothing. It needed to count for something and no matter what, I was going to dedicate time and energy to make it happen.

I began freelancing for a bunch of websites and focusing more on my career. Around the same time, I began to possess mixed emotions towards my boyfriend, so I ended it. I chose to have a career instead of dating because I wouldn't earn money dating a guy, right? Sure -- wanted someone to hang with, talk to, laugh with, kiss and hug, but my career was always first. I stood by that notion until I started dating a guy in November of 2013.

I didn't stop pursuing my career; I just learned it's just as important as a relationship. I asked myself if I could marry my career. Would it comfort me if one of my friends passed away? Would I be able to enjoy a dinner with it? And, finally, would it be around when I felt lonely? There's no doubt that my career would keep me busy and be there when I was bored, but I wouldn't be able to enjoy the rest of my life in its arms. I began thinking how ridiculous I was to think a career was more important than finding a man I could marry. Why can't they be equal?

The guy I began dating made me realize that juggling both is totally worth it. I could have a career as well as a good relationship. It's funny that it took me this long for it to click, but hey, I'm glad I learned it sooner rather than later.