Career Woman to Caregiver

As I sat at my desk October 23rd, 2015 I began to devise a plan to off-board my managerial position at a large public serving institution I realized the vision for my life which includes my career was no longer aligned with the roles and responsibilities of my daily nine to five. All I could think about was standing for my vision in a role where I could support others utilizing my skills and expertise to coach, mentor, and development business. So, on that day after being fed-up and unhappy with I spoke my vision to the universe without knowing I'd be heard or how it would turn out.

Fortunately, my declaration to the universe was heard. Off-boarding to transition into the career of my dreams didn't occur and my life shifted a matter of days. I was no longer the nine to five career woman and in an instant, I became caregiver to my mother who became deathly ill in the matter of days. This is when my "Career Woman" expertise shifted to being a loving, connected, grateful Caregiver to my mother. During this time, professional success and accolades were no longer top priority. Life, family, joy, and love led me to shift paths to support my mother's health journey and her road to recovery.

On November 1st 2015 my mother was rushed to the emergency room to undergo emergency surgery to close a perforation in her colon. While waiting for the surgeons to inform my family and I of my mother's health status all I could think about was speaking to the universe my desire to off-board my job. Who knew that off-boarding my job would become a reality as a result of my mother's dire health circumstance. When the surgery was complete the doctors informed us that my mother had a large tumor in her colon.

Returning to work was not an option. My full-time priority became my mother and her recovery. My professional work ethic kicked in as I shifted to caregiver. My mother's recovery is still ongoing. I knew what I practiced from nine to five needed to be implemented as I cared for my mother. Although she was deathly ill I had a vision for her to return home. Therefore, "Career Woman turned Caregiver" moved like the professional that I'm known to be. I was able utilize my project management, delegation and staffing; and, time management to support not only my mother; but, myself as well.

Project Management:
I treated my mother's health like a project. The doctors, specialists, and my family were the resources. We all had to tasks to complete surrounding her health, so we all stepped in to complete our tasks when necessary. This was kept on-task and on-target because as a caregiver it was necessary for me to tend to her medical details and follow-through to make sure the doctors, specialist, and my family were in the loop regarding her recovery process at all times.

Delegation & Staffing:
By nature in a managerial role in order to stay on tasks delegation is important; however, when there is a need for additional resources it is time to staff. This is where I was able to request the support of family and friends create a plan so my immediate family could be supported. This included creating a schedule for family and friends to visit my mother while in the hospital and rehab so my immediate family and I could tend to ourselves, financial matters, and our home.

Time Management:
Managing my mother's health started to take a toll on my own health and well-being. I finally came to terms with understanding that I needed to be in good health to support my mother through her health journey. This is when I decided to "control my time" and not allow my time to control me. I etched time into my schedule to meditate at least 30 minutes a day and took my butt to the gym at least 3 days a week. Self-care gave me the balance I needed to remain focused when tending to my mothers' healthcare.

If you are wondering my mother is still in route on her path to recovery. In January of this year we were told she has Stage 3 Colon Cancer. As her caregiver, I am grateful my mother is alive and on the road to recovery; however, our vision is that she will be a cancer survivor. In regards to speaking my vision to the universe and devise an off-boarding strategy to leave my managerial job.... Well, I have officially off-boarded. I did not know the universe would answer in that matter it did with my mother becoming deathly ill; but, the universe removed me from my job November 1st, 2015 and I haven't looked back.

So, I say all this to say, when your heart aligns with your vision, don't be afraid to speak it to the universe. You can never connect with what's accessible for you without you being in control of the plan. Who knew the manner in which I would off-board my job to create the career of my dreams was my mother's failing health? I'm grateful to say, I stepped in to care for her during her time of need and in return her condition stepped in on my behalf to free me from the comforts that made me complacent. I'm grateful to say, my vision for my life and career was created before I devised a plan. Speak your vision to the universe and trust you are heard.