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Carey Mulligan's 'Great Gatsby' Makeup: How To Give It A 21st Century Touch (PHOTOS)

From the bobbed finger waves to the overly-powdered faces and rosy cheeks, the 1920s makeup look has been repeated time and again by modern women looking to channel that Roaring Twenties spirit.

Celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Amanda Shackleton explained to us, "The true '20s look was pretty severe with thinly plucked brows and dark pointy lips." These days, said Shackelton, "we still nod to these looks, but everything is less severe."

Inspired by Carey Mulligan's "Great Gatsby" beauty, we asked Shackelton how to give the actress' vintage look a 21st century touch. Read on for her makeup tutorial.

carey mulligan great gatsby makeup

Step 1: Choose a foundation that matches your skin and set with a translucent powder. This is a matte look, so keep shimmer away from the center of the face. Do add it to the cheekbones and just under the brow bone.

Step 2: Cover your lids with a medium to dark eyeshadow color (plum, greys or taupe) and blend it out with the highest part of the shadow being in the middle of the lid. This is to bring a rounded doll-like look to the eyes and not the popular almond shape of today. This will keep the look modern, but will hint towards the 1920s era.

Step 3: Curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom, focusing on the longest lashes in the center of the lid (not at the outer corners as we do now). Eyeliner wasn't generally used in the '20s except in theater, but using it today will bring the look to suit modern makeup trends.

Step 4: Use a brow pencil about half a shade lighter than your natural brow. Fill in and extend your brows out at the end slightly. Be careful to keep it realistic and not too costume-looking.

Step 5: Apply a red creme blush with your pointer and middle finger to the apples of your cheeks and blend up towards your temples. Tip: Using your lipstick works well if you do not have the right shade of blush.

Step 6: The lips of the '20s were super pointed at the cupid's bow and stopped just short of the outer corners. Modernize the lips by drawing the line to the natural shape of your lip.

Step 7: Keep your lips on the deeper, red matte side. For a 21st century look, add a dab of gloss just in the center of the lip.

Step 8: This is the fun part! Pick a spot on your face for a beauty mark and with the tip of a brown or black eyeliner, push it into the skin.

Are you a fan of 1920s makeup?

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