Carey Mulligan Kissing Johnny Depp Cut From 'Public Enemies' For Nerves (VIDEO)

Which Superstar Actor Was Carey Mulligan Too Nervous To Kiss?

Carey Mulligan's last two years have seen her play opposite such handsome leading men as Ryan Gosling in "Drive," and Andrew Garfield in "Never Let Me Go," as well as showing serious skin in the upcoming "Shame." And, as an Oscar nominee, she's one of Hollywood's best young actresses. But for all the A-list kisses and critical accolades, even Mulligan was helpless in the face of this star's charm.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show in Britain this week, the 26 year old actress revealed just how difficult it was to lock lips with Johnny Depp in 2009's "Public Enemies."

"I did kiss him several times, but it got cut from the film," she said. "I think it was 16. Because I was so uncomfortable... it got cut because I looked so uncomfortable. I was kissing Johnny Depp because I got so nervous."

Awkward: Depp was in the building at the time, and soon sat down next to Mulligan. Blushing, much?

Mulligan also revealed trouble with another A-list leading man.

"I grew up watching everything he's ever done and it's difficult as I have to hide my inner fan when I am around him - it's terrible," she said of her turn alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Great Gatsby." "He claims not to be able to dance when we do a dancing scene and I have to hide the fact that I know he can because I saw him dance in Titanic."


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