Cari Champion Urges Millennials To Speak Out Against Bullying (video)

By Nadia Watson

Victims of bullying are more likely to suffer from depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and poor school adjustment . The "bullies," on the other hand, are at an increased risk for violence, substance abuse, and academic issues later in their adolescent lives. It is a lose-lose situation for all and yet, it is so common.
It's something professional athletes, celebrities, and even Cari Champion -- who lives up to her name as she has become a champion of the cause -- have all experienced; but that does not make it acceptable.

On behalf of ESPN, the Sportscenter Anchor is apart of ESPN and ABC's "Choose Kindness " campaign which encourages students and adults alike to work together during National Bullying Prevention Month in October (and throughout the year) to end bullying. Having been both the bully and bullied, Champion uses her voice and platform to display the true power of sports to inspire the youth to drive out hate with kindness.

We spoke with millennials at Georgetown University to hear not only how PSAs like "Choose Kindness" are helping, but how the community can work towards a bully-free environment as well.

More than half of bullying situations stop when a peer intervenes on the victim's behalf.