Carine Khalife Animates Young Galaxy's 'Blown Minded' Video

Who needs the usual music video ingredients of free-flowing alcohol and booty-shaking backup dancers when you have a handy supply of oil paints? Montreal-based artist Carine Khalife created a moving painted landscape for Young Galaxy's song "Blown Minded," which we spotted over on This Is Colossal.

For the dizzying video, Khalife painted on a piece of glass, fixed to a light box, while a camera overhead captured the changing images from above. As Khalife played with the paint, every moment was transferred to her computer, where she later edited the piece on Stop Motion Pro.

Khalife explained on her website:

"Everything is based on the rhythm... I think I’ve listened to the song more than a thousand times. And because I would often listen to it and focus solely on drums, voice, lyrics, or melody –- I was still able to hear new things each time."

The resulting work reminds us of what might occur if Edvard Munch had tried his hand at rock videos.