Caring Too Much What Others Think

I care far too much what others think of me.

Whenever I see someone talking, whispering or pointing at me, I immediately begin to panic. I hate confrontation and am terrible at it. If someone doesn't like me, I cannot simply, "shrug it off." I constantly talk about it and will never just let it go.

Let's say one of my co-workers isn't fond me, instead of turning the other shoulder and forgetting about it, I think of ways I can get them to like me. Because the main reason I care about what others think is I hate the thought of someone not liking me! Can't we just get along? If we didn't talk shit on each other, don't you think this world would be a much better place? We may not have hate, crime or violence in the world and I'd totally be fine with that!

I let the constant whispers eat at me until I feel absolutely nauseous. While, my boyfriend would say, "Hope, who cares what they think of you? Can't you just stop?" But, he is right. If I'm a good person--which I am--why do I continuously let these things get to me? My mom would always say, "if you can go to bed at night knowing you're a good person, who the hell cares what anyone thinks or says about you?" I think that goes along with feeling confident in yourself. If you feel confident with who you are as a person, you truly will brush off what others say about you.

But, allow me to soak in this notion: not everyone in this world will like you and that's okay. At the end of the day, I am a good person and I always do as I'm told. If I know I'm doing some good in this world, why the heck do I care what Sally Sue thinks of me? Maybe she's jealous that I got the promotion and she didn't.

There could many reasons why people don't like you. Jealously, backstabbing and ignorance are common reasons. Also, do you know those personalities you simply do not get along with? Yeah, there's not a specific reasoning behind not favoring them, you just don't like them. For me, I never got along with the strong, confident bitch. At ever job, there she was right in front of me. And, at every job, I tried to get her to like me, but it rarely worked. Depending on your personality, you know you get along with certain people over others.

All in all, there will always be someone in crowd that simply does not like you. And, I'm trying to accept that day by day.