Teacher Carissa Bryant Accused Of Being Drunk In Class

A teacher in Iowa has been accused of being drunk in class.

Marshall County Sheriff's deputies arrested Carissa Bryant, a sixth-grade teacher at Lenihan Intermediate School, Wednesday after officers received a tip that she was teaching class while intoxicated, according to the Des Moines Register.

Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman said the incident happened the same day a county deputy was at the school for DARE anti-drug and alcohol classes.

“The irony is not lost,” said Hoffman.

Cops arrested Bryant following a sobriety test, during which she allegedly slurred her words and appeared bleary-eyed. She blew a .19 blood alcohol concentration, more than twice the legal limit. Police said there was no evidence the teacher drank booze at the school, and are concerned she drove to work drunk.

Bryant told deputies that she last drank alcohol at 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

Bryant faces one count of public intoxication, but Hoffman told KCCI its possible that prosecutors could also charge her with child endangerment.

Marshalltown is a small city located about 52 miles northeast of Des Moines in central Iowa.

It's the second incident of its kind to occur in the state in less than a month. On Feb. 13, a West Des Moines kindergarten teacher was arrested for allegedly drinking on the job.

A parent who was at the school to help with a Valentine's Day party for the children said they saw Jennifer Rich, 40, with an open can of beer in class. The parent called police, and when officers arrived, they allegedly found two empty cans of Busch Light in her handbag, along with four more full ones.

Rich blew a .145 in a preliminary blood alcohol test, and was arrested for public intoxication and child endangerment. The latter charge was dropped.

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