Suspected Carjacker Slams Into People At Miami Hotel, Wild Spree Caught On Video

A suspected carjacker was caught on video stealing a vehicle from a Miami hotel on Wednesday and then slamming into cars and people as he made his escape.

Footage from the J.W. Marriott Marquis Hotel shows the suspect, identified by police as Alberto Ruiz, eyeing the Lexus RX 350 before hopping in and ramming into the valets who had been unloading it.

Then, as the video shows, he crashes into more vehicles and hits several of the people trying to stop him -- including the car's owner, who is carrying balloons -- before eventually driving off.

"You can see that this individual had no regard for anyone's life," Miami Police Officer Rene Pimentel told WSVN. "People were getting wedged, run over, pinned. He could not care less. He just wanted to take off."

The Miami Herald reports that Ruiz hit seven people. Four victims were taken to an area hospital, one in critical condition.

Ruiz was arrested later in the day at a Miami motel, where police used a stun gun to subdue him, according to the newspaper, which says he has a 22-page arrest history covering more than 30 years.

Local 10 reports that the stolen vehicle was damaged along with four others in the valet area.

It’s certainly is an aggressive move,” hotel guest Jerry Sokol told CBS Miami. "I’ve never heard of this before. Hopefully, this is an extremely isolated incident and doesn’t change the way we handle valet in the future.”



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