Carl Bernstein: US Congress Is Corrupt, Systemically Broken (VIDEO)

During an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe today journalist and author Carl Bernstein lamented that the debate over and the writing of health care reform legislation has shown us "Congress at its worst."

Bernstein harshly critiques the nation's legislative branch as a body that is "responsive only to money and special interests" while ignoring the public and national interest:

The bad news is the really great problem in this country is the systemic breakdown of one of the three branches of government: the Congress of the United States. And until it's repaired, [Obama] and this country are going to be undermined. We could have had health care legislation in a meaningful way that would have gone twice as far at solving our budget and our health care problems, but because of the irresponsibility and the systemic corruption of the United States Congress, we don't.