Asian-Americans Share Terrifying Stories Of Racism After Election

"Go back to your country you chink."
Ji Sub Jeong Huffington Post

A Trump supporter made remarks in an interview that cast Japanese internment camps as exemplary ― proving there’s no shortage of racism toward Asian-Americans and other minorities after the election.

In an interview Wednesday with Fox News, Carl Higbie, a retired Navy SEAL, cited the World War II-era practice as “precedent” for creating a Muslim registry. But this “precedent” that Higbie referred to is one in which 120,000 people of Japanese backgrounds were forced to leave their homes, relocate, and live behind barbed wire and under surveillance.

While Higbie’s words about our nation’s tragic anti-Asian era made headlines, it’s hardly the only incidence of racism Asian-Americans have had to deal with following the presidential race.

Other groups including immigrants, blacks, Muslims, Latinos, and women have also been the targets of physical harm and hate speech.

Many members of the Asian-American community have taken to social media to reveal racist incidents that have happened post-election.

From death threats to derogatory slurs, the messages show why we need to listen, learn and stand in solidarity with those experiencing attacks.

See these terrifying examples below.

"Trump surrogates are already citing Japanese internment camps from WWII as 'precedent' for Muslim registry."
"I was told to 'go home to where you came from because no one wants your f**king disease.'"
"My cousin (born + raised in America) walked past a Trump rally in NYC (where she lives!!!) and was told 'go back to your country you chink'"
"He then said, 'You're the type of girl that Donald J. Trump should grab by the pussy and shut your mouth.'"
"As I type this, people are tweeting that I'll be deported or killed once Donald Trump takes office."
"Customer w/Trump hat: 'Hope u got ur papers squared away before that wall goes up''
"Dear Ting -- Please stop cooking your smelly ass fish in the break room! We won!"
"She just didn't want your suicide vest to go off prematurely."
"A Filipino friend of mine experienced a situation where a guy went into a Starbucks, inebriated yelling 'Trump America'"

Have you been a victim of an act of harassment or discrimination? If so, we encourage you to report the incident to local authorities, and to send us an email about it at:

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