New York

Carl Paladino Gives A Very Paladino Concession Speech

As Carl Paladino took the stage at a downtown Buffalo ballroom last night to give his concession speech, Rachel Maddow was on MSNBC surmising what would unfold: "he's going to reveal himself as a performance artist."

Paladino essentially lived up to that measure, as he stammered through a bitter and angry speech, railing against his political opponents and critics in the media. Staring into his telepromter, battling with a crowd who kept interrupting him with their own concessions speeches and criticisms, he said, "I promised to bring a baseball bat to Albany, well here it is." Paladino proceeded to hoist an orange baseball bat over his shoulder, pose like an aging baseball star, and challenge Andrew Cuomo to grab the baseball bat, or "have it wielded against you."

Paladino ended his speech and campaign with this chilling threat: "Make no mistake -- you have not heard the last of Carl Paladino."


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