Screen Legend Carl Reiner, 96, Wants To Live Until 2020 So He Can Help Dump Trump

The comedy icon is urging voters to use the midterms to hold the "fake president" accountable.

Screen legend Carl Reiner is urging voters to head to the polls for next week’s midterm elections to send a message to President Donald Trump.

The 96-year-old filmmaker/actor/comic/writer ― and frequent Trump critic on Twitter ― said in a clip for ATTN: that Americans were being lied to “every single day about everything.” He added: 

“In my 96-and-a-half years, I’ve seen a lot of things. But the one thing I cannot bear to see is America being destroyed by racism, fear-mongering and lies.” 

The nine-time Emmy winner said Americans can do something about it at the ballot box next week. But Reiner’s also looking well beyond the midterms. 

“My personal goal will be to stick around until 2020 and vote to make sure we have a decent, moral, law-abiding citizen in Washington who will make us all proud again to live in America,” he said.  

Reiner, the father of actor/filmmaker Rob Reiner (another frequent Trump critic), has made similar statements on social media, where he has also slammed Trump as a “fake” president: