Carl Reiner Shares The Secret To Perfecting The Timeless Feel Of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'

Carl Reiner's Trick For Making 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' Feel Timeless

Carl Reiner, the creator behind the Emmy Award-winning "Dick Van Dyke Show," knows why the series still resonates with audiences since it went off the air in 1966.

Reiner sat down with "The HuffPost Show" to look back on his work and his inspiration for the storyline of the sitcom -- his 64-year marriage to his wife Estelle, who passed away in 2008.

"I wrote about the one thing I knew about, my wife and I, our relationship, and our relationship to our kids and the world," Reiner told Roy Sekoff. "And if you talk about yourself and you're honest about it, most people most people say, 'That's just like me.'"

But that's not the only secret to the timeless feel of the show, he added. Reiner and his team of writers deliberately avoided slang terms, which he feared could date the show.

"I said, 'I have a feeling this is going to be around.' I knew it. So I said, 'Let's not use any slang of the day.' And if you watch 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' there's no slang in it," he said.

The second installment of Reiner's memoir I Just Remembered is available now.

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